Four Signs You Need a Gutter Replacement or Repair

Having a functioning gutter is extremely important to your home, as it channels rainwater safely and efficiently away from your home. However, gutters can develop a range of problems, and there are a few tell-tale signs that your gutter needs some attention.

Your Gutter Is Visibly Damaged

If you're not sure whether your gutter needs replacing or repairing, a visual inspection is a good place to start. Rainwater, bad weather, and time can cause your gutter to rust or develop tiny cracks. Over time, this could become a bigger issue, making your gutter leaky and unreliable. You might also notice that your gutter has become displaced, leaning away from your house. If you notice a small issue with your gutter, it's best to get it looked at by a specialist before the problem develops.

Your Gutter Is Leaking

A leaky gutter is a sure-fire sign that something is wrong. As well as visible cracks, symptoms of a leaking gutter include water stains or large puddles underneath the gutter, peeling paint around the gutter, or water running down the sides of your home. A few of these issues can be mistaken for a leaking roof, so speak to a roofing repair specialist if you're not sure. Whether a tiny crack can be fixed or a large crack makes a gutter replacement more practical, it's important to keep your gutters in good working order.

Water Sits in Your Gutter

Water should flow freely and easily from your gutter, so water sitting in your gutter is a clear sign of a problem. You may simply need to clean out your gutter, but it may indicate a deeper issue. Your gutter may have started to sag due to age and use, or perhaps it wasn't installed properly, or part of it is broken. Whatever's going on, your gutter must be able to drain properly.

Your Gutter Is 20+ Years Old

Hunker explains that galvanized steel and aluminum gutters have a typical lifespan of around 20 years, with copper gutters lasting about twice as long. If you think your gutter might be older than 20 years, it might be time to think about a replacement, as older gutters can start to sag, rust, crack, and break as they age. It might be worth getting repairs on a newer gutter, but at this point, a full replacement might be the most economical option.

Whether you've realized that your gutter has reached the end of its life or have simply spotted a few cracks, gutter replacement companies can help you. If you're at all worried about your gutter, get in touch to discuss your options.