Benefits of Replacing Your Home’s Roof

If your home's roof is nearing its expected lifespan, you may consider getting a roof replacement. Such a project can be smarter and more economical than undergoing repeated single repairs, which can add up over the long term. Once you replace the cladding, you'll not have to bother with much upkeep or maintenance. To discover the functional and aesthetic benefits you'll enjoy, read on.

Functional Benefits

Once contractors cover your home with new cladding, you can be sure that it's waterproof, safe and secure. They'll pull off the old tiles or metal sheets and expose the underlying framework of beams, rafters and battens. This will show any warped or rotted timber elements, which can be reconstructed. Plus, they can blanket the roof frame with a sarking membrane that prevents rain from seeping through. With all underneath and structural elements perfect, they'll cover the top in the new cladding. 

After this process, every part of the roof and the structure will be pristine, and it won't allow rainwater to wreak havoc on the building. A leaky roof can decay timber elements and spoil roof insulation and ceiling plaster, possibly instigating a full-blown mould infestation. 

With a new roof, you'll not have to worry about moisture problems. You may also experience lower heating and cooling bills with a secure crawl space that blocks exterior heat and cold from getting inside. A regulated roof cavity atmosphere buffers the rooms below from outdoor temperatures.

Aesthetic Advantages

A roof replacement also provides aesthetic benefits. First, you get to choose your new cladding material, covering your home with tiles or metal sheets. Swapping from lighter metal to heavier tiles will necessitate a building inspection to ensure the structure is strong enough to carry the weightier roofing.

You'll also have the opportunity to colour-coordinate the roof differently. You could top off a red brick house with green corrugated metal sheeting, for example, depending on its architectural style. Alternatively, tiles come in various colours, including diverse rustic shades of red and orange, and cooler charcoal and cream. Not only can you revamp your home's facade with a roof replacement, but all surfaces will look lustrous and even too.

Conversely, cracked and hanging tiles look unkempt, and they may let rain cause mayhem. Similarly, rusty metal sheeting that flaps in the wind detracts from the facade, and it can become a dangerous missile during a wild storm and possibly injure bystanders.