Replacement Roofing: Suitable Metal Material Options for Your Home

The lifespan of most roofing materials is considerably long, especially with the right maintenance and care practices. Therefore, your roofing system will only require periodic repairs of worn-out components. Still, there is no infallible building material, so your roof can sustain extensive damage due to adverse weather or falling objects like trees. In addition, if your house is old, the roofing will eventually become degraded and prone to leaks. When these types of events occur, you should consider replacing your current roofing system with metal products. These are normally strong, customisable and quite durable, so you will enjoy great performance. Consider selecting one of these material options for your replacement metal roofing.


Most of the metal roofing products in the current market are manufactured using steel. The likability of the material can be attributed to factors like the intrinsic strength of the metal, the wide availability and relatively affordable purchase price. However, steel is vulnerable to rusting when exposed to general moisture and air. Therefore, if you decide to purchase this type of roofing, ensure that the surfaces have been covered with a protective coating. The traditional steel sheets are covered with zinc, which does not corrode in adverse conditions. You will also find alternatives with polymeric coatings; these plastic coats are resilient and available in numerous colours.


Aluminium has a refined contemporary look that is suited for modern homes. It is an appropriate alternative to steel and not a common choice, so you should consider this if you want a unique roofing system. It will also not rust in humid regions, but it is advisable to paint or powder-coat the surfaces for better aesthetics. Regrettably, aluminium is not a strong option like steel. This means that it is prone to denting and tearing under mechanical pressure from hailstorms, tree branches and animals. Therefore, if you decide to go with this type of roofing system, choose an alloy alternative. When aluminium is mixed with other elements it becomes more resilient against stress.

Premium Metals

You can choose high-end metal roofing materials if you have an accommodating budget for the replacement project. Premium metals are often very expensive, but their durability, aesthetics and general performance are exceptional. Stainless steel will not rust, and you can elect assorted finishes like matte or polished. Copper roofing is extremely costly, but the longevity afforded by the product is worthwhile. It does not require painting and it will not become corroded. Over time, a classic attractive patina will form as the copper weathers.