Materials You Could Consider For Re-Roofing

Opting to re-roof your home can be quite an expensive affair. Therefore, it would be prudent to make an informed decision when selecting the materials that will be used for your new roof. Not only for aesthetic reasons, but the materials you choose will also determine the longevity of your roofing in relation to the types of weather elements that they will be exposed to. When searching for roofing materials, also keep in mind factors such as how energy efficient the roofing will make your home and fire-resistance if you live in an area prone to bush fires. Here are some of the materials you could consider for re-roofing.

Terracotta tiles

This type of roofing material is made from clay. The clay is fired at high temperatures to create strong and durable roofing tiles. Typically, terracotta roofing is characterized by its warm orange hues. This makes them a popular option with homeowners who are looking to enhance the curb appeal of their residence when re-roofing. However, it should be noted that you can also get these types of roofing tiles in grey too. Although terracotta is durable, it is brittle and should not be exposed to high impact. If you opt for terracotta tiles, ensure that there is no unnecessary walking on your roof as your tiles will break.

Slate tiles

Slate roofing tiles are manufactured from natural stone and are also quite strong. This gives them ability to withstand high impact without the risk of crumbling or cracking. Due to this inherent strength and durability, slate roofing tiles tend to be an expensive option for roofing materials. However, it is one of the options that will give you value for money as you can rest assured you will not have to engage in premature roof repairs and restorations.

Concrete tiles

Not only are concrete tiles economical, but they are long lasting too. This gives you the chance to enjoy the benefits of more expensive roofing options, such as slate tiles, but at a fraction of the cost. In addition to being economical, concrete tiles also provide your home with an extra layer of insulation. This is especially convenient during the warmer summer months, as your roofing will help keep your home cool. This also helps you to reduce your utility bills, as you will not have to overwork your air conditioner to stay cool in the summer. 

For assistance with your re-roofing choice, talk to a professional.