Tips On How You Can Test A Flat Roof For Leakage

Nothing is more frustrating and embarrassing at home than having to live with a leaky roof. On top of that, there is the prospect of dealing with repairs that could be costly. However, it is impossible to repair a roof if you do not know the source of the leak in the first place.  When it comes to leak detection in flat roofs, the task is not easy. Just because you have seen a spot or ring of water on the ceiling, it doesn't necessarily imply that your roof has a leakage directly above the spot. Read More 

Things to think about when doing your own wall framing

Wall framing is a complex project that needs to be done perfectly for your new home to look the way you want it to. It's possible to do wall framing on your own if you're careful and methodical. Doing your own wall framing in the home you're building can save you money and also be a good experience to have for future projects. To do your own wall framing in a way that ensures you get the best possible result, there are a few things you should think about. Read More 

Replacement Roofing: Suitable Metal Material Options for Your Home

The lifespan of most roofing materials is considerably long, especially with the right maintenance and care practices. Therefore, your roofing system will only require periodic repairs of worn-out components. Still, there is no infallible building material, so your roof can sustain extensive damage due to adverse weather or falling objects like trees. In addition, if your house is old, the roofing will eventually become degraded and prone to leaks. When these types of events occur, you should consider replacing your current roofing system with metal products. Read More 

Materials You Could Consider For Re-Roofing

Opting to re-roof your home can be quite an expensive affair. Therefore, it would be prudent to make an informed decision when selecting the materials that will be used for your new roof. Not only for aesthetic reasons, but the materials you choose will also determine the longevity of your roofing in relation to the types of weather elements that they will be exposed to. When searching for roofing materials, also keep in mind factors such as how energy efficient the roofing will make your home and fire-resistance if you live in an area prone to bush fires. Read More 

Avoid These Roofing Mistakes During a Do-It-Yourself Repair

When you are in need of repairs or new installations for your roof, it is recommended that you hire a professional. However, if you attempt to make these repairs on your own, make sure you avoid the following mistakes. Improper Installation of Valley Flashing One of the more common areas of a roof to not be installed properly is the valley the flashing. This is the location of a roof where two sections of the pitch meet, putting it most at risk of damage from running water. Read More