3 Mistakes to Avoid When Painting Roof Tiles

You can improve the appearance of your old roof by giving it a coat of paint. However, lasting results can only be obtained by avoiding some of the common mistakes that inexperienced homeowners make when they are painting their roofs. This article discusses some of those common roof tile-painting mistakes that you should avoid during your DIY home improvement project.

Incorrect Use of Pressure Washers

It is important to prepare any surface that one wants to paint. That preparation includes cleaning such as surface thoroughly. One of the best ways to clean roof tiles before painting them is to use a pressure washer. However, extreme caution must be exercised during that cleaning exercise because the strong jet of water can damage the tiles. You should avoid using the highest pressure setting on the washer. You should also make sure that the water reaches the tiles at an angle, rather than directly. This technique will protect the top surface of the tiles from being eroded by the strong jet of water.

Use of a Hand Brush

Some homeowners try to cut project costs by using the most basic tools, such as a hand brush, available.  One of the biggest mistakes that you could ever make as you paint your roof tiles is to use a brush. A brush is incapable of delivering a uniform layer of paint on the tile surfaces. Your tiles are therefore likely to look shabby after you have painted them. Secondly, the process would be so tedious that you may be unlikely to complete it within the days that you had allocated to that task. This is particularly possible given the duration that you will take applying a sealer before you start painting. It is much better and easier to use an airless sprayer to apply the sealer and the paint.

Not Painting the Entire Roof

Avoid painting only a section of the tiles on your roof. This is because moisture may find its way underneath the painted tiles from those that were not painted. Such water ingress can promote the growth of microbial matter, such as algae, underneath the coat of paint. This will cause the paint to peel or de-laminate within a short time. It is therefore advisable to paint all the tiles on your roof so that they all have a uniform capacity to resist the damaging effects of water and biological matter.

The roof is a very important component of the home. It may therefore be prudent for you to hire professional tile roof painters in case you lack the necessary experience or skills to do a good job on your own as you seek to increase the service life of those tiles on the roof.