Guide to Picking a Suitable Colour for Your Metal Roof

If you intend to install a metal roof over your head, colour choice is something you will need to seriously ponder over. Colour selection may seem like a personal matter, but it will greatly impact the functional and visual performance of your home. While the list of factors to consider is long, here are a couple of things you shouldn't ignore.

Quality of finish

The metal on your roof can last a lifetime, but the paint finish applied on it may not remain intact for that long, depending on the quality of paint used. Lower-quality paint may give an attractive finish, but it is usually not designed to prevent the damaging effects of UV radiation and other harsh weather elements. For that reason, it will not bear up to beatdown by the elements, thus deteriorating quickly over time. Luckily, metal roofs can always be repainted once the finish has lost its initial visual appeal.

But why should you go through the trouble and added costs of repainting your roof before the end of its service life when you can choose a superior quality colour coating that will continue looking pristine for years and years ahead? Make sure your metal roof is finished with high quality paint that will withstand the harsh weathering elements but still look nice for several years to come. Ask your roofing professional to provide you with a premium quality paint coating that will protect your roof from the damaging effects of UV light, moisture buildup, mould and mildew growth, water infiltration, etc.

Climatic pattern

The colour of your roof plays a big role in ensuring the energy-efficiency of your home. If you reside in a region that receives an abundance of sunlight for the most part of the year, you are better off choosing light-coloured metal like white, beige, light blue, peach, and so on. The light colour will help reflect light away from the surface of your roof, keeping you and your family cooler. But if you live in an area that does not experience much solar heat, you should opt for dark coloured metals that can maximise heat absorption and keep your home warmer.

Style of your home

A metal roof provided with a high-quality finish will maintain its original colour for several years to come. Therefore, whatever colour you pick, it should match your home's exterior colours in a way that creates a unique kerb appeal. Consider the appearance of your exterior windows and doors, siding, cladding, landscape, and any other features that may affect the outside appearance of your home when choosing an appropriate colour for your new metal roof.