How to Get Your Home Ready For a New Roof

If you are planning on getting a new roof installed on your home, there are some things you need to do first. It is important that you get the inside and outside of your home prepared before the roofing contractor arrives. Here are some things to do when getting your home ready for a roof installation.

Remove Items From the Ceiling and Walls

When the contractor is removing your current roof and installing new roofing materials, it can cause quite a bit of shaking inside your home. You will notice it more with your ceiling and walls, which also means picture frames, mirrors, and lighting fixtures might fall. Try your best to move as many fragile items as you can from the ceiling and walls. For example, if you have potted plants that are hanging from the ceiling or a very delicate chandelier, it is a good idea to remove them until the roofing installation is done. On the walls, take down all pictures, paintings, mirrors, and shelves with items like figurines and statues.

Clear the Area Around Your Home

To make it easier for the roofing contractor, you should also clear the area around the perimeter of your home. This includes items attached to the exterior of your home and items on the ground. For example, if the roofing contractor is trying to install metal panels and a new gutter, they need to set their ladder against the house. If you have large window awnings, it can be difficult to do this. You may need to remove them temporarily. Also make sure the area around the home is cleared, including boxes, stacks of firewood, patio furniture, and potted plants.

Trim Overgrown Trees

Another thing that might get in the way of the contractors' work is having a lot of tall and overgrown trees. These don't have to be cut down, but it helps to trim them as much as you can. Look for tall branches that are falling over the roof and trim those. This is not only important to make it easier for the roofing contractor to maneuver, but because you don't want your brand new roofing materials damaged by the tree branches or getting buildup from tree sap, leaves, and twigs.

Remove Unneeded Items From the Roof

While a contractor will likely do this before they get started, it can help to remove some items from the roof before they arrive. For example, if you have a satellite dish or TV antennae on the roof, try to remove it before they get there. You might also need to remove solar panels or even the gutters and save them. If you have older copper gutters that are being replaced, hold onto them and recycle them, as they can be valuable.

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