Roof Repairs | 3 Symptoms of a Distressed Roof in your Home

Unless your house has been hit by some unforeseen natural disaster, your roof will exhibit certain warning symptoms if it is troubled and at risk of crumbling. These warning signs are either indicators of roof repairs or roof replacement, depending on the extent of the damage. Here are some symptoms of a distressed roof that may be in danger of collapsing if constantly ignored.

Sagging Ceilings with Windows and Doors Becoming Difficult to Operate

Ceilings should ideally have clean and straight lines without any obvious signs of sagging and dropping. If you start to notice sagging ceilings in your home, it's likely that rainwater has hauled up inside your roofing structure and has stagnated over time. Similarly, windows and doors that become difficult to operate could indicate that the roofing structure has weakened –– this could be due to stagnant water adding excess weight to the roof. This stagnant water will severely damage the structural integrity of your home and must be catered to immediately by a roofing specialist, before the condition deteriorates rapidly and your roof collapses. Roof repairs may include draining pooled water, clearing gutters and downspouts and removing debris that may be preventing proper water drainage from your roof.

Buckling, Curling and Missing Shingles

Roof shingles that have buckled, curled or are missing are common signs of necessary roof repairs. Use a ladder and inspect the roof slopes of your home to look for signs of upward curling, misplaced and missing shingles ­­–– these are signs that the shingles are past their lifetime and need replacement. Misplaced, buckling or missing shingles could also indicate that there's a larger problem distressing your roof. Contact a licensed roofing professional immediately to get your roof inspected by roofing experts. Depending on the extent of the damage to your shingles, you may have to undertake minor roof repairs or major roof replacement. Ignoring the problem will only make it worse and more expensive, so call in the experts as soon as you notice these warning signs.

Cracked Walls

While there are a lot of reasons behind cracked walls, keep in mind that if you notice external and internal cracking on the top of the wall where it meets the roof, it could be because of a roofing problem. The problem of cracked walls could occur when roofs have not been properly supported or secured on the ceiling. The roof is likely to sag over time and spread at the ends, causing undue pressure on the walls. Be sure to call a roofing professional to rectify this problem, before your home's structural integrity is compromised.

Roof repairs are best handled by licensed professionals who know how to undertake the job safely and thoroughly to prevent further damage.