Important Things To Know About Metal Roofs

When you're building a new house, or your existing roof needs replacement, one material you may want to consider is metal. Although most people don't think of metal as a roofing choice, it can offer you durability and outstanding fire protection. Here are some other important things to know about metal roofing so you can decide if it's right for you.

They Are Insulated To Reduce Noise -- One of the main issues with metal roofs in the past was that they were very noisy during periods of rain and hail. But manufacturers mitigated this problem by installing thick layers of foam under the metal panels, which diffused sound through the roof, greatly reducing the amount of noise inside a home.

They Can Be Laid Over Another Roof -- Because metal has a high weight-to-strength ratio, it's easy to install this kind of roof over an existing roof. This is known as re-roofing, and it can save you thousands of dollars when you lay down a new roof because contractors won't have to strip your old roof, saving time. Laying down a metal roof over your existing roof requires a contractor to ensure that your old roof doesn't have any leaks and that your old roofing isn't pocked with holes. Metal roofing is also a reflective material, which means it diverts sunlight away from your attic and offers additional insulation, especially when placed over an existing roof.

They Come In Different Design Options -- Metal roofs are available in different design choices. You can select traditional roofing panels, or you can opt for metal shingles that are shaped like the shingles you would see on a wood shake roof. Panels are cut into long sheets that fit the exact dimensions of your roof. You can also choose a design in which a special paint is applied to the metal that has the same appearance as wood or natural stone, giving you a two-for-one combination of lightweight metal that looks like a more traditional type of roofing.

You May Experience Cell Phone Issues -- One thing you should do before installing a metal roof is to have your contractor determine if there are any cell phone towers near your home. This is done so that you can know ahead of time if your metal roof may affect your cell phone signal. Metal can weaken cell phone reception in some areas, so some metal roofing contractors recommend that you buy a cell phone booster if you live in an area that's far from a cell phone tower.